About Dave Stevens

Running has always been a constant in my life, from my earliest fondest memories of arriving at Enfield Harriers athletics club in London aged 10 to where I’m now currently embarking on running the “fastest known time” for the 268 mile Pennine Way in 2018. Running has been my tonic during tough times in life and it’s provided wonderful experiences that I’d never of had the opportunity to experience had it not been for running.

I’m a natural adventurer and thrill seeker always challenging the perception of personal capability always pushing the boundaries of expectation. I think it started at the age of 15 walking into the Army Careers Office and declaring my intention to join the Parachute Regiment and the recruiter virtually laughing me out of the office. 15 months later I’d passed the infamous P-Coy, had “my wings” and was a fully fledged member of the Parachute Regiment.

Over the next 10 years I found that I explored various distances but had found a real niche “on the roads” racing distances upto the marathon. 2006-2012 was a fantastic period of running I was now a firefighter in Tamworth with Staffordshire Fire And Rescue Service and was fortunate enough to be invited to race the 1/2 Marathon at the World FireFighter Games in Hong Kong where I finished 2nd. From there I progressed to running several sub 2:45 marathons and gradually racing longer distances upto 100miles including standout events such as the Fellsman .

In 2013 I took a break from competitive running but not competing as I entered and won the first Super Human Games held the uk to find the fittest male and female in the uk.

The birth of my son Oliver who was born 8 weeks premature was the kickstart to resume running . Oliver is a perfect healthy little boy now , however in the early stages he was very fragile and clung onto life during a 10 week stay in hospital. During this time I found that I used running as a way to make sense of the situation and in March 2016 I ran a self supported 100mile route in the Peak District to raise money for Birmingham Childrens Hospital, raising a staggering several thousand pounds.

The start of 2017 it came to my attention that there was the potential to train for something so incredible that most people would write it off upon hearing the words “268 miles” like the time I walked into the Army careers office , this will have a positive outcome.

For most running and fitness in general is a leisure activity but for me it’s life and provides a purpose wether it been the employment benefits or the enrichment it gives me (I have my own Performance Personal Training business called Urban Fitness Company) I have the opportunity to travel to wonderful places and climb mountains across the globe as part of the “outward bounds” part of the business called UFC Adventure Series .

In May 2018 I attempted the 268 miles record, but had to abandon the attempt after 160 miles during a night time section when the weather turned wild and myself and my pacemaker started showing signs of hyperthermia.  But, this first attempt left me with the belief that I can complete the 268 miles in a record time.  My energy and body were good.  The whole team have learned valuable lessons and in 2019 we will do it again.