268 Pacemakers

Welcome to #Run268 and what is set to be the fastest 268mile Pennine Way run in history.

Although it’s my personal ambition to set this record I’m not silly enough to think I can do this solely on my own. It’s going to involve a perfectly choreographed team of individuals behind me to make the magic happen on 11th May 2018.
I’m looking to put together a dream team of pacers for #Run268.
The fact that your reading this means that you believe you have the ability and qualities I’m looking for.
What I’m looking for:
Capable individuals who can support me at different stages of the 268 mile route. I’m asking for pacers that can maintain 4.5mph constantly for at least 5hrs across mountainous terrain, potentially in the dark and any conditions the fantastic British weather can throw at us. I’m looking for runners that are self sufficient, can contribute physically by pushing me along when I’m fatigued and boost my moral when I’m “staring into the abyss”. Ideally a real attribute would be pacers with a keen knowledge of the Pennine Way route who I could utilise for the night sections of the route.
If you are able to meet the majority of the above criteria then this is your opportunity to be part of “Ultra Endurance Running History “.
Fill out the form and I’ll contact you ASAP to discuss this fantastic opportunity.


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