We got a Headline Sponsor!

Wow! what a few weeks it’s been. From the very start of the planning process for #Run268 I’ve always recognised the magnitude of the challenge ahead of running the fastest 268 mile Pennine Way ever and believed the challenge as well as the official run 268 movie was deserving of a headline equipment sponsor.

To begin with I sat down and listed the brands that Id had previous experience with over the past 15 years of elite marathon running, crossfit and ultra running. From there the stand out brand for me was Scott as it had a complete product list of footwear and apparel. After a series of emails, discussions over the phone with their head office in Switzerland it became clear that Scott shared the same vision and excitement to be part of #Run268 granting be full sponsorship status for the full process of training, the record attempt and the media side of things after I successfully smash the record in May.

It’s a very proud feeling to be part of a brand such as Scott which brings a real heritage of elite runners and I certainly feel the expectation to be part of this elite group and that’s now reflected in my training which has stepped up a gear.

My first official race as part of #TeamScott In be in mid February 2018.






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