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It’s been a steady couple of weeks training since my last Blog where I touched on the subject of route selection and future recces of the #Run268 course.

Last Friday (10th Nov) I travelled up to the Peak District to run/nav a 20mile section (10miles out and 10miles back).


I plotted my route starting from where the Pennine Way crosses the Snake Pass Road and began my out and back course passing through Crowden which will be the first official #Run268 checkpoint of 16 and marks the 16Mile Point on the course. From Crowden I continued out past Torside Reservoir across the moors to the start of Black Hill which marked my “about turn”.

I can’t emphasise enough how different the weather was in comparison to just 2 weeks earlier. Throughout the whole day I was presented with gusting winds of upto 60mph and flash rain showers when least expected. It’s was one of those days that during my time in the Parachute Regiment would have been described as “character building”.

All in all another 4hr 20min effort was achieved and I can feel myself becoming truely “mountain fit” again as I adapt to the volume of training and being out in the wild weather. Only training in a harsh arduous environment will prepare me for what a diverse course that #Run268 will provide, there’s nothing that any gym can offer that’ll replicate the slog of crossing open moorland in harsh weather during the winter months.

Aswell as running a section of the Pennine way last Friday it was the perfect opportunity to drop in on my official drink sponsors: “Juicy Fuel Cola” based in Poynton Stockport only a short hop from where I was.

The guys have developed a fantastic range of premium lightly carbonated fruit based drinks based around a cola style flavour. My career as a Performance and Conditioning coach often highlights  the issue of nourishment versus punishment when co ordinating nutrition plans for clients and in my own personal circumstances I’ve trialled a series of different sports drinks to see what actually works and what’s just clever marketing hype. When ever I discuss nutrition regarding Ultra marathons or any sustained effort beyond 6hrs you have to remember you are re writing the rule book it’s a very personal choice and the same approach won’t work for everyone and it’s certainly different to probably how you’d perceive preparing for a conventional marathon.

I first became aware of Juicy Fuel Cola when another athlete gave me a can to sample and then I found it at a local bistro local to where I live and train in the Midlands. The lightness of the fizz and the palatable flavours were not over powering yet provided a wonderful break from the chemical acidic tang often associated with sports drinks or the dullnes of plain water this is achieved in my opinion by sourcing premium fruit blends to produce a zero refined sugar, zero added sweetner drink that basically says what it is on the can. My energy levels remained optimal with no notable drop in energy or output and again this is because of the lack of refined sugar and the be benefit of a fructose based energy source and the bodies ability to convert this easily to a source of energy.

Impressed with my findings I approached Glenn from #Jfc and explained about #Run268. The company have truely embraced the Record Attempt and are the official drinks sponsor to #Run268 providing me with the nutritious support required to run the fastest time ever on the 268 Mile Pennine Way course next May. #FuelTheFire
268 recce 10 November 2017

Pacers: “Calling All Serious Runners!”

Breaking records like these aren’t just an individual endeavour . It requires a solid structured team approach, from logistics, sponsors all the way to pacers. I’m looking to put together a team of #Run268 pacers (10-20 runners in total). The main aim is to keep me on pace for the duration of the challenge taking on a section of 10-20miles each (or further ) acting as my sherpa, extra eyes at night to assist on some of the “sketchier” dark sections, motivator etc your role is invaluable.

If you think this is you and you’d like to be a part of a record breaking run then feel free to get in contact.

Next Blog: High Altitude Training in Morocco for #UfcAdventureSeries

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